Enclosed Deck 3 Weeks Later

Enclosed Deck 3 Weeks Later

The new portion of the deck is visible in this picture

It has been just over 3 weeks since our deck construction completed and now is a good time to update everyone on our first impressions, what we like, don’t like, and what is coming up next.



  • Although we added the additional footage to the deck it still isn’t enough! I say this half jokingly, but it is a good idea to really think about the size of the enclosure and what you want to do with it. Our house is 2,000 square feet and with the enclosure we have added another 180 square feet. That sounds like a lot but when you take into account the two doors and their location that starts to dictate what you can do.
  • American Patio Rooms lived up to their claims and once the work started they continued until they were finished, even the electrician showed up in time to hook everything up. I have heard complaints about other builders that finished their work, but the electrician didn’t show up for a few weeks to hook up the power.
  • Speaking to the crew that worked on my deck everyone had at least 10 years of experience and a few had over 20. All of the experience with American Patio Rooms.
What We Like
Enclosing Our Upper Deck

Bottom of Upper Deck is now a roof for the lower deck

What We Like

  • Just having the house back door and windows open and being able to freely walk onto the deck is great. No flies and bugs coming into the house is a big plus.
  • Another interesting point is we have a lower deck and it is now 50% covered by the upper deck. I can leave the door going onto the lower deck open when it rains. What is even nicer is now that the upper deck is enclosed and the bottom enclosed it gives a nice looking roof over the lower deck.
What We Don’t Like
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A hard rain is quite loud

What We Don’t Like

  • The sound of a hard rain is much louder than we thought it would be. If you where watching TV or listening to music you would have to turn up the volume. I assume shingles on the roof would reduce the sound. We might have considered that option when building, but perhaps not (more money). The rain can also be heard from inside the house when the doors and windows are closed to the deck. However, it really isn’t that bad in the house, only when you are on the deck.
What We Have Done
enclosed deck, patio

New Wall Sconce

What We Have Done

  • We decided to buy carpet instead of tile. It was a hard decision to make, but we decided to take the advice of the consultant and go with carpet. On the plus side it will be easier on the feet and warmer in the winter. The big plus is the money saved pays for the fireplace.
  • The outside vinyl siding that was on the house is now inside the enclosed deck. Although I have always power washed the siding it took three separate washings after construction to get it looking pretty good. It still has 14 years of aging, but over all it isn’t bad. Just a lot of elbow grease and 3 different cleaners!
  • Power Washed the lower deck to clean it up after the construction
  • We replaced the old outdoor light with an indoor sconce (40 watts does a nice job)
  • We bought a lamp with all the colors we were looking for and made of natural materials
  • We bought screen saver flowers to put onto the sliding door screen
  • We have a mirror to put up that will conveniently hide some of the water stains that wouldn’t come off the siding. They are faint but still noticeable
What’s Next

What’s Next

  • Carpet will be installed in 8 days
  • Buy the electric fireplace (currently we have a deposit on it)
  • Purchase solid white stain for the deck stairs and support posts, and look for a few days when their isn’t any rain in the forecast.

Stay Tuned

We will keep you posted on our experience with building and decorating our enclosed uppder deck. Watch for more blog posts. If you want to read all of our posts on enclosing our deck click here.

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1955 Chevy Nomad Belair

The all new 1955 Chevy Nomad Belair for 1955!

bhaga video, car show

The Nomad badge on the tailgate

This is the best 1955 Chevy Nomad Belair that I have seen locally. I have been to a lot of shows and seen nice cars but this one is great. Not your typical Friday night car show Nomad.

1955 Chevy Nomad Belair

1955 Nomad Profile

The Chevrolet Nomad is best remembered for it’s two door model from 1955–57.

1955 Chevrolet Nomad Bel Air

Friday Night Dairy Queen Car Show

1955 Chevrolet’s received all-new styling and also gained a V8 engine option.

photos.bhagavideo.com, harold brown, chevy nomad

Great Interior

See more of my pictures of the 1955 Nomad and other cars at this link Friday Night Dairy Queen Car Show.

Friday Night Dairy Queen Car Show

Friday Night Dairy Queen Car Show

North Canton Dairy Queen

loading map - please wait...

North Canton Dairy Queen 40.897207, -81.404998



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Building An Enclosed Deck Final Day of Construction

Building An Enclosed Deck Final Day of Construction

Ready to start Day 6, the final day of construction.

“Building An Enclosed Deck – Final Day of Construction” is the followup to yesterdays post post on Day 5 of construction. In summary the work started on Monday June 30 and except for a couple of pieces of siding ended on Wednesday July 9th. There was no work done on July 4th and on Monday July 7th. The delay was Independence Day and also waiting on windows to arrive on Tuesday. First thing today was to start working on the sliding door installation. Framing and then install. Just like installing the windows it is a bit of a job. Making sure it fits and functions smoothly always takes extra effort. Along with the door install came more silicone sealing. Never too much as long as it stops a single drop of water!

Day 6 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-6-Enclosing-Our-Deck

Summary of what was accomplished today:

  • Prep and Install Windows
  • Seal all seams
  • Rebuild stairway handrail
  • Finish open area left from cutting off original rafter
  • Finish sealing bottom of deck for insulation
  • Cutout rotted wood in chimney and replace with new plywood
  • Finish outside vinyl trim
  • Clean up of work area

Tomorrow one person will stop and put up the couple pieces of siding and some sealer and we are done.

What’s next for outside?

  • Paint the existing wood (change color from red to white)
  • Redo the backyard landscape. It was last done in 2004 and we tore it all out last month
  • Finish the area under the deck that currently has marble chips
  • Replace the walkway to the lower deck
  • Do something about the steps that come down to the ground near the lower deck
  • Clean the lower deck again
  • Get the lawn chairs, table and umbrella setup on the lower deck
  • More stuff that I am sure is on the wife’s list

Check out the follow-up to this post by clicking here.

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Enclosing The Deck Day 5 of Construction


Enclosing The Deck Day 5 of Construction

End of Day 5 Construction 7/8/2014

This post “Enclosing The Deck Day 5 of Construction” is all about the work done on the fifth work day of enclosing our upper deck. Day 4 of construction was mainly focused on getting the roof sealed, trim and end caps put into place, and the insulation under the deck put into place. The fifth day started about 9:30am on July 8th with the crew getting the deck ready for the windows. Then another crew arrived with the windows and installation began. There is a lot of work related to getting the windows into place and making sure everything is working. Once again all the guys knew their jobs and worked well together. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of selecting a company that retains its employees by treating them properly. The experience of each individual working on my deck ranged from 10 to 24 years with all that time working for American Patio Rooms.

Day 5 Enclosing The Upper Deck

Under the deck is as nice as being in the deck. Great finish work by the team.

Below in the picture gallery you will see a few pictures of the work being done on our deck. Keep in mind that in 5 days of work the deck is almost done and was completely built on site. Other than windows and doors the entire deck was custom built and fit to the house during the build. Nothing was prefabricated and forced to fit into place after construction. Do your home work and appreciate the quality that is possible when enclosing your patio or deck.

Day 5 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-5-Enclosing-Our-Deck

Today’s summary of work is as follow:

  • Prep work for windows
  • Put up the spouting and gutter
  • Installed Windows and adjusted fit
  • Sealed all the seams with silicone
  • Installed Soffit
  • Hooked up electrical and installed spot lights
  • Started adding the last of the trim
  • Cutoff stair handrail to appropriate height

It rained pretty hard today for a while but the crew stayed onsite and worked inside the deck until it cleared up,  then work started up again in full swing. I am looking forward to tomorrow and the last day of work. Installing the slide glass door and completing the final touches. My last construction post will be tomorrow, but I am sure I will have a few more pictures to share as we finish the interior decorating.

I sincerely hope you find good use from my articles and you are inspired to enclose your deck or patio, and I hope you take a few pictures to share with others.

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Enclosing The Deck Day 4 of Construction

Enclosing The Deck Day 4 of Construction

Day 4 was about the finishing touches and blending the enclosure into the exist home. Getting rid of the rough edges!

Enclosing The Deck Day 4 of Construction consisted of putting the finishing touches on the existing structure and beginning to insulate the bottom of the deck from the cold weather that is just around the corner. The morning started with a few sprinkles of rain but it didn’t last long and work started. There was a 2 man crew again today, once the windows arrive we will be back to a three man crew. First up was to cut off part of the roof that was remaining and wrapping that in aluminum, next quite a bit of time was spent adding all of the end pieces and caps to give the deck that finished look. Finally on the roof to seal everything, and on the bottom of the deck adding the insulation to keep the heat in and the cold out!

Day 4 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-4-Enclosing-Our-Deck

Today’s summary of work is as follow:

  • Blending the enclosure into the rest of the house
  • Add the end pieces/trim to the roof
  • Seal the roof from the elements and make sure no water leaks anywhere
  • Run the electrical wires into the utility room and wait on the electrician
  • Add the under deck insulation
  • Add the 90 degree bend to the bathroom vent
  • Prep work for the soffit

See my first post from April 5, 2014 related to enclosing our deck by following this link. See Day 3 of construction by following this link.

Cleaning The Siding

Scrubbed the siding to remove mold and stains

bhagavideo.com, harold brown, enclosed deck,

Inside the Upper Deck

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Enclosing The Deck Day 3 of Construction

Enclosing The Deck Day 3 of Construction

Ready for day 3 of construction

Here we are at “Enclosing The Deck Day 3 of Construction” and so far the past 2 days have been nice despite the early forecast of rain. It looks like today we will bypass the rain again! Sometimes things just work out. On the agenda for today was to get the walls and windows installed. Unfortunately the windows are not getting installed so that is a little disappointing. We knew the sliding glass door was on back-order so we were expecting that. The past 2 days we had a 3 man crew and today there is a 2 man crew. Looks like Tuesday before we get the windows.

Day 3 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-3-Enclosing-Our-Deck

The highlights for today were:

  • Adding the additional posts for the walls and windows (a lot of measuring and cutting)
  • Identify where to put the electrical outlets
  • Running the electrical wires
  • Installing the walls and running the wires through them
  • Electrician identified where to run the electric lines to the deck

Overall the first 3 days of construction have gone well and the enclosure has really started to look good. The 3 man team works great together and stays busy the entire time they are on site. It has been hot the last few days, but that hasn’t slowed anyone down. Very impressive work and they put up with me and my camera. It has to be a real pain working on enclosures that are 10 feet in the air. That is a lot of stair climbing everyday. See yesterday’s posts and slide show here.

Tomorrow will the last day worked this week on the deck as Friday is July 4th. Happy Independence Day everyone, enjoy the fireworks!

Want to read all my posts about our new enclosure? Click here to see the first post. Keep taking pictures.

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Enclosing The Deck Day 2

Enclosing The Deck Day 2

Day 2 started with the new portion of the deck complete

Enclosing The Deck Day 2: Today’s work brought with it a couple of disappointments. First my new roof put on last year was not done properly and now I have to contact Lowes to see what can be done. So far the installer that Lowe’s uses doesn’t seem to keen on making the mistake right. Second, the chimney enclosure had water damage behind the siding and needs repaired. Builders these days are in such a rush that work isn’t done properly. Goes along with the inability to install shingles and ice guards properly. That is why I hired American Patio Rooms, just tired of poor workmanship.

Enclosing The Deck Day 2

Chimney wall rotted out from water leaking behind siding

Notice the ice and water shield was installed onto the paper instead of the wood

Day 2 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-2-Enclosing-Our-Deck

Day 2 work included:

  • Removing the spouting
  • Cutting off the roof overhang (to get more roof height)
  • Installing the roof supports
  • Putting up the roof (with lots of glue and screws)
  • Take down the remaining old handrails
  • Reassemble the bottom deck

Weather permitting tomorrow will bring the walls and windows. Yeah baby.

See yesterdays posts and slide show here.

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Enclosing A Deck Part 6 – Construction

Enclosing A Deck Part 6 – Construction

American Patio Rooms

Monday June 30th, Enclosing A Deck Part 6 – Construction. Today the builders started to add to the length of the deck taking it from 13 feet 7 inches to 19 feet 3 inches. Now the deck will wrap around the chimney giving us a nice breakfast nook to add a table without it taking up the main seating area of the deck.

American Patio Rooms

Setting the support post

This post also contains a slide show of the construction process of enclosing our upper deck. I will continue to add additional posts with more specific information the next few days with each post containing a slide show for that day. Hopefully you will gain some knowledge of the process of enclosing a deck.

Day 1 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-1-Enclosing-Our-Deck

The highlights for today were:

  • Removing the hand railing where the deck was being added onto
  • Remove the siding and add the wood support
  • Put the main support post into place
  • Connect the new support post to the rest of the deck and to the house
  • Add the floor joist
  • Put the plywood floor down on entire deck

FYI – We managed to work around the robin’s nest and save the baby birds, but mama wasn’t too happy with us most of the day!

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Enclosing A Deck Part 5 – Breaking Ground

Enclosing A Deck Part 5 – Breaking Ground

Measuring the distance of the post to the septic tank

In the picture above we were still in the process of removing the old plants from the flowerbeds

It has been a couple of months since part 4 of this article appeared and work has just started on the deck. We ran into some problems with the county health department that had to be sorted out. The 3 existing supporting beams of the upper deck were within 10 feet of the septic tank and we had to request a variance before building could start. Although it passed inspection when the house was built, the regulations changed a few years ago and we had to take care of that.

Harold Brown, Bhaga Video, Deck

Removing a tree from our backyard

You never know what is going to happen when it comes to adding onto your house. While waiting on the building to start we removed all of the plants from the rear flowerbeds and most of the brick that was placed there 10 years ago. No sense doing anymore and having it destroyed in the building process. Once the deck is enclosed we will finish the flowerbeds, plant grass, etc. We also removed a tree that was partially dead. Right now it looks pretty bad in the backyard, but that will change soon. The big problem was that the work was originally planned for May and now we are at the end of June.

Enclosing A Deck Part 5 – Breaking Ground

Digging the post hole for the deck support

On Friday June 27th the building crew arrived early morning and dug the hole for the new post that supports the add-on portion of the deck. The support post needed to go through my lower deck which required dismantling part of the lower deck. The new post is over 10 feet away from the septic tank so no code problems. One of the exist posts also goes through the lower deck so nothing new, it Just makes you nervous to see your deck get torn apart and holes cut through it.

house additions, remodeling

The Wheel Barrow covers the post hole

The real work will start on Monday the 30th. I will keep you posted on the progress.

What to read the previous 4 posts leading up to construction?

Enclosing Our Deck Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Stay tuned for construction updates this week, unless it rains and delays everything!

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Salem Super Cruise 2014

Harold Brown Bhaga Video

Salem Super Cruise

It is time again for the Salem Super Cruise in Salem, Ohio. It is the first car show that I attended this year. I have already missed a couple of shows this year due to other engagements and I didn’t want to miss this cruise-in. Cars on display and driving the streets all day long. How could you go wrong at this show?

car show automobile muscle

Camaro RS

Click Here to see the Salem Super Cruise Photo Gallery
Super Cruise

loading map - please wait...

Super Cruise 40.900892, -80.856750
Salem Super Cruise

Harley Softail

I met Chuck at the Super Cruise and he was kind enough to pose for a picture on his Harley. Chuck I hope you like the pictures!

Checkout my 2012 post about the Salem Super Cruise
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